How to Live Through a Home Renovation During Covid-19

Home renovations are stressful enough but throw in a pandemic and it can be extremely overwhelming. Not only do you end up worrying about yourself and your family, but you're also worrying about who you're inviting into your home and their safe practices and whether or not they're listening to the guidelines. Having clear communication with your contractor is important, especially now. Voice your concerns and listen to their safety protocols and plans that they've put in place. Make sure they line up with your own, and especially the rules and restrictions put in place to keep us healthy, right now. 

Make sure the contractor is operating in the practices that are made in your community. That means if they aren't supposed to be working right now, hold off on the home renovations. It means if they can only have 1-2 employees working, only having 1-2 employees working. It means if they're meant to wear a full hazmat suit, they wear it. That last bit might be a little dramatic, but the point is, make sure that they're listening to the rules and doing so in your home. 


    Look into buying an air purifier. While it won't necessarily rid the air of the virus, it can help you feel better about the situation and breathe a little easier. That being said, air purifiers can help with dust that will get kicked around during a renovation. Do lots of research into what type of air purifier works for you and keeps you safe, making sure you don't buy one that produces ozone as it can be a lung irritant. 



    Close the air vents to the specific room. You don't want dust to be floating around your house through air circulation during a home renovation in the first place and add in possible contaminants…yuck. Close the vents to keep any extras from escaping and the filters. 

    Isolate the construction area. Put up a plastic wall barrier between the construction zone and the rest of the house. Even if it doesn't keep germs out, it'll keep you thinking twice before walking in. 

    Remove all items you'll need from the space. It's not a good idea to be traipsing around a construction zone during the best of times, just running in to grab something you forgot. You may, usually, use the area as your main route through the home, but map out a different route and stick to it. Make sure you take out everything you'll need until the home renovation is complete. Write down your regular activities and everything you use on a normal day, then write up a list and make sure you have it out of the renovation zone. 

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