Simple Ways of Creating a Theme for your Room

People find it difficult to choose a design theme for their rooms. There are too many options, ideas - yours and other people’s, and materials available at your disposal. One rule that you can staunchly adhere to is to express your personality and style as well as be creative. Creativity in designing a theme will boost your confidence as well as give you a sense of pride, ownership, and since you’ll be seeing and living in the space - comfort.

Your Style

Think of dressing in your room just like choosing your clothes. Do you lean towards the eclectic, classics, modern, or Avant-garde? Choose your style according to your taste and work from this in building your theme. A classic chair or an antique chest drawer, think of things or look for items that will go well with these things. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with your design scheme at first. Instead, be bold in adding as many of your ideas into it. Just trim it down when you tackle the budget. Think of it like when you are picking your wardrobe, keep in mind the essentials, the items or accessories that will go well with the essentials, etc.

Your Collectibles

If you are a collector of things such as dolls, action figures, or classic comics, use these to build your theme. Collections are still part of your persona. Use your collections in building a theme for your room. Do you collect butterflies? Create a theme with butterflies as your main design concept then works on it by adding items that bring the whimsical beauty of your collections; a mosquito net or a canopy mesh over the bed with butterflies or a nightstand with the same design concept.

Pick An Item That Captivates You

If you don’t really know your style yet, you don’t collect anything and you want to have a themed room, browse at online furniture shops like House of Katu that sell unique accent decor from reclaimed furniture, throws, pillow, and candles. These are items that really draw the eyes or command attention. Create a theme around these items, and you’d be surprised at what comes out you!

In creating a theme for your room or any room at home, remember to think of the basics or essentials, add your style, collections, or items that express your personality and if nothing works, look for inspiration outside such as the House of Katu.

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