Turn your Family Room into a Game Room

Every bit of the house is being utilized while we're all at home with dining rooms being re-used for family dinners, kitchens busier than ever, and family rooms doing double duty for homework and relaxing. Although times are tough for a lot of people and it's scary out there, it's amazing to be able to spend so much time with family. While your family room may have gotten some action on an occasional Friday or Saturday night, it's now becoming the spot for family meet-ups and relaxing moments. Make it even more special by turning your family room into the game night hub, adding comfort and convenience for better night's spent in. 

1. Make it more comfortable. Bring in some extra throw pillows and blankets for the room, letting everyone make a comfy spot for themselves, whether it's on the couch or chair, snuggled up for quiet reading or game nights. For movie nights, make larger seating for the whole family by moving furniture off to the side. Lay a blanket on the floor, plop some pillows down and you have yourself a comfy spot for Friday movie nights. 


2. Bring the board games in. Dig up those board games from the attic or basement and put them in the family room, ready to be played at any family game night. Use them instead of coffee table books, inspiring a round of games anytime the mood strikes. Line them up on a bookcase to be displayed, color coordinating them to act double duty as décor. 
3. Try adding more storage boxes, like crates or baskets for throw pillows and blankets, adding a cozy and appealing look to your family room. Place them beside chairs or the couch for easy access. Buy, or DIY, a blanket ladder to keep blankets, whether they're light for the summer months or extra-warm for winter handy. Make the family room ready for the game night by buying a bookshelf, or utilizing one you already have, opening up more room for games and books, ready for evenings spent with the family. 
4. Subscribe. Nearly everyone is subscribed to some sort of streaming service, but make the most out of being at home and check out other subscription services. Try a few different streaming services like Disney+ or Prime to find out which one is right for you. 
5. Designate a dance space. Create a designated space that includes ample room for dancing and good lighting for Tik Tok dance videos, bringing the kids and the whole family together. 

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