Why Reclaimed Wood Furniture are Timeless

Owning a piece of furniture made from wood is truly a treasure. It becomes more beautiful as it ages; the unique character of the wood comes out. Another type of character-building furniture in any room - at home or in the office is wood furniture made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has history, marks, and dents that give it unique qualities. They are also environmentally friendly because it saves on cutting down new trees. They are strong and dried through time and treated to last almost forever. Here are 3 reasons why furniture made from reclaimed wood never goes out of style:

  • Each reclaimed wood piece is individually unique. New furniture pieces made from newly harvested wood look uniformly the same. This is the big difference with reclaimed wood, no two pieces look exactly the same. The unique look of each piece gives the furniture a natural appeal and vintage vibe that makes it stand out from the rest. And most of the time, it becomes the center of attention in a room. 


and architectural photography, all by RH. 
  • For the environmentally aware, any reclaimed material is better than brand new pieces because it saves on natural resources. Making furniture from freshly harvested timber puts large stress on the environment. And it takes a lot of trees to make one piece. Reclaimed wood is used wood, so it does not involve cutting healthy trees thus it serves the purpose of conserving the environment.


  • Strength and durability are the reasons why people love furniture made from reclaimed wood. Even if they are used and quite old, most of them are from timber chosen to last for decades. Reclaimed wood is already seasoned - dried and treated. Furniture makers such as House of Katu specialize in reclaimed wood with experienced artisans that work on quality and design as critical elements of creating excellent furniture, with the vintage vibe that’s hard to miss and never goes out of style.



Furniture made from reclaimed wood can’t help but be centerpieces as they grab the attention of people. The combined elements of uniqueness and positive vibes give vibrancy to a room’s whole theme. Most reclaimed wood furniture has rustic feeling but they can be just as classy and avant-garde given the right pieces to go with it. Versatile, adventurous, and vibrant feel are qualities reclaimed wood furniture gives to a room. House of Katu knows how to play with these characteristics.


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