Our Story

House of Katu online store caters to free-spirited people that embrace the art and sensibilities of nature. Our collection of accent pieces embrace the rustic, bohemian chic that truly represents the beauty in nature as well as the care for its gifts. Our products such as reclaimed wood tables, platform bed and copper mirror frame embrace the boho-chic lifestyle that can only be achieved by seasoned materials and artisanship.

House of Katu is about breaking the norm, and offer unique pieces that will add accent to any room with a bohemian vibe. Boho chic design was inspired by the free-spirited, challenging norms and embracing the beauty of different cultures.  Our products come from seasoned artisans from different parts of the world. We want to offer pieces that will enhance the current design of a room or to give it a completely different personality from what it was before.

We are focused on providing reclaimed wood furniture - custom design and made by us to your specifications and style that fits the personality that you want to bring out from your decors. 


How We Started

Our founder is an Architecture and Construction Management professional. Design and building is her passion. As a designer, she has been asked by clients for advice on designing the interiors of their homes. It was an opportunity to create furniture and decors that enhances the beauty of natural materials. This led to the establishment of the House of Katu to provide products from seasoned and eco-friendly materials, crafted by expert craftsmen with knowledge in enhancing the quality and beauty of each element.


Our Products

Creative beauty in design and materials are the hallmark of House of Katu. We use natural materials, from wood to metal. We also offer rugs, pillows and throws made from natural cotton, sheepskin and other fabrics. Adding a few Boho chic elements into the decor of your room will enhance the eclectic vibe, merging different cultures.

Bring out the free-spirit from within and take a step forward in enhancing your style with House of Katu collection.  Check our product pages and find the pieces that express your Boho chic sensibilities.