Our Story

The House of Katu® Signature

More than just your typical home décor, House of Katu® caters to free-spirited people that embrace the art and sensibilities of nature. Our collection of accent pieces is a piece of art itself that embraces the rustic, modern chic appeal that truly represents the beauty of nature from its place of origin. 

We use natural materials, from wood to metal. Our reclaimed wood pieces, are made to order and customized to your vision.  We want to offer pieces that will enhance the current design of a room or to give it a completely different personality from what it was before by integrating art into it.

Bring out the free-spirit from within and take a step forward in enhancing your style with House of Katu collection.  Check our product pages and find the pieces that express your rustic chic sensibilities.

Our Vision
Integrating a touch of artful masterpieces from different parts of the world into the mix creates a collection of home décor that results to unique pieces that will add accent to any room with a rustic chic vibe. Our aim is to bring the global style right into your doorstep with authentic pieces from globally sourced shops and skilled artisans all over the world. Every item is a piece of art and a masterpiece of its own.